I need to thank everyone who helped me with this book. First, anyone who encouraged me, or told me “this is a book I would have wanted before law school,” and anyone who contributed their own first-generation stories.

I also have fantastic colleagues and friends who graciously helped offer feedback on parts of this book, and sometimes, much-needed corrections; thank you to Dean Giselle Santibanez-Bania, Dean Kirk Walter, Dean Maureen Kieffer, Jenna Silver, Teresa Frisbee, and Gina Geradi.

I am also eternally grateful for Dean Zelda Harris, someone who always believes in the importance of welcoming first-generation students, and believes in supporting her students, faculty, and administrators and their scholarship.

I need to thank my fellow academic support educators, for always being a sounding board, and for being so willing to share ideas, templates, and just flat out give you their work product! Especially MaryAnn Hermann, Rebekah Crude, Toni Miceli, and Michelle Cooley.

I also need to thank the CALI Board for taking a chance on an idea, and John Mayer and Deb Quentel of CALI for always believing in me.

I couldn’t have done any of this without my editor, Sara Smith. I couldn’t have written this without her guidance, her patience, and her assistance with so many ideas!

Thank you to all of the reviewers who had so many helpful and well thought out suggestions. You made this book better, and for that, I am grateful.

Finally, my mentor, my friend, my work mom, Deb Cohen. Thank you for always advocating for me and putting me in the path of wonderful people.